Our Groovy page is about other stuff—the artistic, inspirational side of life—Art, Music & Culture!


dD’s personal passion for art, music and culture overflows into her work and her life— even the way that she parents her daughter. She has always surrounded herself with artwork and music, enjoying a creative, diverse group of friends—a mixture reflecting her NY upbringing.


dD wishes to share the people and their creativity that have a special place in her heart. Enjoy!






Dawn has played guitar and performed professionally for years and is a well-known and accomplished singer-songwriter with a unique vocal personality.


3 Jar Project

I started using the 3 jar system with my daughter a few years ago. Three different colored jars are kept on our kitchen counter: 1 is for Spending, 1 is for Charity and 1 is for for Savings. For good behavior and doing her chores, my daughter gets an allowance every week—one dollar for every year of her age—to be split evenly among the jars. Her choice of charity was a scholarship program for children in a village in Mexico. Instead of birthday gifts, she asked for money so she could send it to a little girl in Mexico. The idea has taken off, and to date she has raised almost 500 dollars (over 5000 pesos), been interviewed twice on radio and invited to host her own television show about children who give.

— Dawn Dill


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